we BUIDL, we BACK, from zero to exit

BYWU is the 1st gaming-focused venture studio in Saudi.

BUIDL Your Way Up with us

BYWU Venture Studio elevates your business ideas to new heights with our innovative Cofounding-as-a-solution approach. With our expertise and valuable resources, we together will BUIDL our way up to success.

About us

BYWU Venture Studio is grouped with enthusiastic gaming ecosystem buidlrs. We BUIDL & BACK Saudi startups from the ground up in parallel. We focus on Gaming along with Education & Content industries enabled by AI, Web3 and XR technology.

Instead of one single Superstar, what we are trying to make is multiple Nebulas and establish a lasting impact on  gaming startup ecosystem in Saudi.

Friendship, teamwork, cooperation relations strengthen. Share ideas and participation. Progress towards the achievement of teamwork.

The Nature of BYWU Venture Studio

We are passionate about turning ideas into reality. As a venture studio, we provide a unique approach to entrepreneurship by bringing in valuable resources and repeatable processes. Our Cofounder-as-a-solution will accelerate the startups’ speed to grow, mitigate the risk to fail, and eventually drive to success.

Our Approach

We believe that the best ideas are born out of collaboration and that's why we work closely with our entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into viable and sustainable businesses. Our team of experienced professionals offers guidance and support every step of the way, from idea conception to execution, ensuring that our ventures have the best chance of success.

Unleash Your Potential

At BYWU Venture Studio, we understand that every entrepreneur has a unique vision and we are committed to helping them bring it to life. Our venture studio provides a platform for entrepreneurs to explore their potential and turn their passion into profit. With our extensive network and resources, we empower our ventures to reach new heights and make a positive impact in their industries.


Biz co-founder as solution

Biz co-founder as solution

Concept Validation, Market Research, Brand Design, Go-To-Market, Marketing, Global distribution, Recruiting, Finance, Fundraising, IP Licensing& Legal

A funny hacker working hard on online passcode scanning and solving passwords with 0 1 numbers illustration in background concept

Tech co-founder as solution

Engineering, Graphic Design, Web3 Architecture, UI/UX Design, Product Management, Visualization, AIGC tools, Data Science, Anti-cheating

network structure in hand

BUIDLr backs BUIDLrs

You might need funding, mentoring, guidance, leads, intros or networks during all phases of venture. No matter what your need, we're here.
BUIDLrs for BUIDLrs. We got your back.

Our ventures on the way

person holding black android smartphone


1. Racing game w/ MENA & Web3 elements
2. Indie game launcher empowered by gamer community
3. Gamer-battle matching platform
4. AI-driven anti-cheating tool

woman and man sitting in front of monitor


1. Gaming career academy (1yr w/ apprenticeship)
2. BYWU gamethon (20 weeks Hybrid)
3. XR application for exceptional child care
4. Gamification for on-the-job training

Conceptual image of young woman in checkered shirt using virtual reality headset with media interface while sitting inside bright building. Up to date technologies for education


1. AI-generated content in game dev
2. Co-pilot in IP licensing management
3. Democratizing game publishing 
4. Vtuber in gaming media

Meet the partners

Henry Yeh

Henry Yeh

[X] the venture commander

Linda Wu

Linda Wu

[Y] the venture architect

Manny Li

Manny Li

[Z] the venture ambassador

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Interested in partnering with us or learning more about BYWU Venture? Email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.